Woohoo!!! I fought an egg and I won!


I Fought with an Egg this morning, but I Won!!!

You see, I cracked an egg on our griddle and that almost chicken thing had legs! It ran across the griddle faster than fast and out the drain hole before I blinked, but that almost chicken was no match for my spatula and me! I tried to catch it before it hit the counter and wow, that incredible edible egg was slick. It escaped, so I grabbed a spoon… and with spatula and a spoon in hand my hands danced like one of those Chinese steakhouse sushi grill masters chef people- It happened so fast!! It was a thing of beauty so sorry you all missed it. I was impressed with myself. And it gets better. The next thing I know that almost chicken was airborne so fast I didn’t even have time to say NO WALL ART PLEASE… Ooh lah lah people! It landed on the griddle. Nope, no art class today. In disbelief of what had just happened that egg turned white, but the end my dear fellow bloggers/facebookians friends was inevitable… I had to teach all future breakfast foods a lesson. You. Will. Be. Eat. En.
PS I didn’t break the yolk!!!!!!


A joyful heart is good medicine. Proverbs 17:22

~Laughter looks good on you! 🙂

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