Palawan here I Come!

Palawan here I Come!

After many years I get to return to the mission fields! I am so thrilled to answer my call. I’m getting ready for a mission trip to Palawan,The Philippines in the fall. I will tell you all about it and share the journey as I go. Palawan is one on a list of mission fields that I will be traveling to either by myself or with my family. I designed this T-Shirt to help me reach my goal. Check it out and buy one, two, three as many as you want!  Great for all who love missions or ministry work. It would make a great gift too! Please share  the pin or link if you can and enjoy your Beautiful T-Shirt!! Press on the link and it will take you to my info page.

Help me reach and pass my goal. May your Dreams come true too!  Thank You for the visit friend!



CTribe – Jack- Huayni and our 3 Boys 🙂

Rescue the perishing; don’t hesitate to step in and help. Prov. 24:11
~Be Jesus to others.~
****Go out of your way to help someone get out of trouble today****


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