Associations… Just sayin’


Making associations is a powerful thing to do to help you remember something you do not want to forget. You take something you are very familiar with or do as a habit, and connect/associate it to a second thing to serve as a trigger to remember  the second one.

Did you know, your online device – pc – tablet – phone, is a great tool to help you remember things. It is better than sticky notes or even a string on your finger… just not the way you think. I am not making reference to a calendar or a to do list.

You see, you will use your online device many times in your day so why don’t you make it work for you in a new way?

How about you put a tennis shoe next to it to remind you to take a walk or exercise? How about the dog’s leash or food next to your online device to not forget to attend to you pet before you leave home. Why not your Bible on your pc keyboard to help you remember to read your Bible or a picture of your parents so you remember to call them.

It is a fact that at times, we spend a little too much online.  I encourage you to invest your time more wisely. Don’t let your online devices dictate how you spend your time.

I am not bashing being online, but sometimes we have more important things to do with our time. Sometimes we neglect things because our time slips away when we turn on our  online devices. Yes, we  have all been there. We have all experienced  that awkward moment where time stood still on our computer… or should I say when precious time slipped away from us.

Have you ever tried to justify yourself by saying, “I need to check my emails and messages…” ? Oh yes, I am sure it is true, but that should not take 4-5 hours of your day.

You know it is true.  Just sayin’

~>What will you put next to your device?

~>Give it a shot. you just might find it works out unless… you don’t act on the thing you wanted to remember.

~>Hey, it is worth a shot!


~~Be diligent with your affairs. – Keep up with what is important.

Proverbs 27:23-24 Pay careful attention to your flocks, and see to the welfare of your herd. Because riches do not last forever, nor does one dynasty retain power through all generations.

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