Run Baby Run for your Chocolate! I Mean Life!!!

Run baby run for your chocolate!!!!

I mean life!

So… get some chocolate, snacks, candy or just pull out a chair to sit and dare to be awkward for a moment. Do the social thing in person. Interact with people. Telling stories you lived with the people you know is a great way to break the ice.  It does not take great planning or time. A few laughs here, and a few laughs there, and the next thing you know-> you have some new memories to share and to pick you up too. Yes, sweet memories and laughter are a great defense against the blues.

I am sure you have funny  stories from your past or your childhood. Stories you lived with your siblings, cousins and friends. Maybe you have children of your own now, and enough stories to write books too.

I have seen how my own children get lost in smiles when they hear stories of funny things they did, but wouldn’t know unless we tell them because they were just to young at the time to remember. They always enjoy hearing them again. It gives them a sense of belonging not just to our present, but our past, creating history and healthy expectations for our future. We belong to each other and that makes us feel safe.  The same can be said for all.

Stay connected with the people in your world and take time to talk, smile, laugh, cry and at times even be silent, but be there with them.  It is good for us all  not to forget that we are social beings, meaning that we are meant to interact and be part of each other’s lives. I would like to encourage you to take time to share  fun stories the next time you meet with your people. Sharing good times, smiles and laughs is so refreshing to the soul. It is good when we smile and laugh together because it creates bonds and helps us stay connected.

So go freinds… go  retrieve some fun moments from your brain’s archives, share them, and watch a smile kiss your face.

Note~ I am not the child in the picture, but I did the “this candy is mine run” many times and I ate it all up too!  ha ha ha~ A smile just kissed my face! 🙂


A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22

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