Why is “I always do it this way” a lame excuse?

Proverbs 4 Today

Are you open to step out of your comfort zone or are you stuck in the mud?  I know that it goes against our instincts, but every once in a while we need to actually think about why it is we do what we do and if it is actually working for us. If we dare to take a good honest look at why we do things and their results, we may find ourselves in need of some adjustments.

Think about it. If you were on a plane enjoying your flight,  and then because of a sudden illness, a pilot replacement is needed.  Whom would you rather have in the pilot cabin, a pilot that trained 10 years ago and who is used to doing things “the old way” or one who is current with the latest developments in his or her field?

We should be open to examine the things we do, why we…

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