Deal with it!

Moments 2 Give

Deal with your situations the right way…

Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them. Henry Ford

Hot heads and cold hearts never solved anything. Billy Graham

Clicking a few keys on your computer….

wont fix it.

Nope! Duck tape wont work either.

Problems, obstacles, disappointments, or whatever we like to call them, are a fact of life. We can’t hide from them and we can’t go in crazy mode trying to solve situations with a quick fix  that might in fact complicate things in the long run. We must make the decision to address the situation/solve it, learn from the experience, and move on. The sooner we start this process the better.

Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed. There’s an old joke that goes: How do you eat an elephant? Well, one bite at a time of course! Some things take time, but…

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